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Twitter2014_Header_Template_new (1)After the successful launch of The Flash Podcast and during the first half of Season 1 of The Flash, news about a Supergirl TV show on CBS started coming out during the fall of 2015 and as I was enjoying my DC TV podcasting, I wanted to create another podcast, but not necessarily with me as a host due to scheduling and more. That’s how the idea of a spin-off podcast to The Flash Podcast came to be as I started to look for the right people to lead this podcast.

It began with my good friend and fellow podcaster, Rebecca Johnson, a huge Superman fan who had recently ended her Once Upon a Time dedicated podcast and she had been someone that I had been connecting with as The Flash was starting up. At the same time, I had gotten in contact with Teresa Jusino, a fellow geek journalist who currently works at The Mary Sue, as she joined Rebecca in launching Supergirl Radio, which is the Internet’s 1st Supergirl TV Podcastwhich I work on as a producer.

The podcast follows a similar structure as The Flash Podcast as they did a Season Zero which focused on the world of Supergirl and her history in he DC Universe. While Teresa sadly had to departure in the middle of Season 1, Rebecca is currently hosting the podcast with Carly Lane (weekend editor at The Mary Sue) and Morgan Glennon (who is a journalist at Buddy TV and also co-hosts Legends of Tomorrow Podcast, another show in the DC TV Podcasts Network).

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