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During the development of DC TV Podcasts, The CW had revealed that it was working on yet another superhero project as a team-up spin-off series from The Flash and Arrow, which remained a big mystery show for a few months, up until May 2015. As we were trying to figure out what this untitled mystery was, I began working on a podcast for it, but as a product of DC TV Podcasts rather than as a spin-off from The Flash Podcast, like Supergirl Radio. The name was eventually revealed as DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, featuring several fan-favorite supporting characters as they became part of a time traveling mission by Rip Hunter.

With the name revealed, the name of the podcast became the Legends of Tomorrow Podcast, the Internet’s 1st Legends of Tomorrow Podcast, which I work on as a producer. I recruited for Season Zero, three hosts: Kat Calamia (YouTube Reviewer and Comic Editor of The Marvel Report), Gregg Katzman (Midtown Comics) and Tony Kim (Web-Master of Crazy 4 Comic Con). While their prequel season was hosted bi-weekly, the podcast followed similar formats to The Flash Podcast and Supergirl Radio. By the end of Season Zero, Gregg and Tony (who has now moved on to DC Movies Podcast, another product of DC TV Podcasts) had to sadly depart the podcast. However, Kat got a new gang of hosts with Supergirl Radio’s Morgan Glennon as well as The Flash Podcast’s Amy Marie Hypnarowski that joined her for Season 1 as an all-female lead podcast.

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