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dcTVbannerTwitter (2)At the start of January 2015, as we had just launched Supergirl Radio (hosted by Rebecca Johnson, Carly Lane and Morgan Glennon) as The Flash Podcast’s (hosted by me, Amy Marie Hypnarowski, Brittany Rivera and Andrew Dyce) 1st spin-off show, I started working on an idea of bringing fellow DC TV Podcasters together that are covering DC Comics TV shows. The project evolved into the podcasting network: DC TV Podcasts which officially came to life in March 2015.

It began with my main show, Supergirl Radio (which I work on as a producer) as well as Queen: The Green Arrow Podcast (hosted by Michael Cohen and Amanda Konkin) and Legends of Gotham (hosted by Anne-Marie DeSimone and Bill Meeks), both hosted by great friends that I have come to know through podcasting. I have helped launch new DC podcasts with Legends of Tomorrow Podcast (hosted by Kat Calamia, Morgan Glennon and Amy Marie Hypnarowski) , DC Films Podcast (hosted by Sark Sharkskin, Roy Ranous, Shaina Lucas and Jessica Rossi) as well as DC TV Classics (hosted by Keith Chow, Britney Monae and Desiree Rodriguez), all which I serve as an producer.

Recently I helped launch the network’s 1st Vertigo TV dedicated podcast, iZombie Radio (hosted by Catrina Dennis, Chris King, Blaise Hopkins and Shawn Carpenter) where I serve as an consultant on. As a network, we have come together for two charity events in the form of a live podcast marathon which we aim to do every year. We also team up on several conventions several times per year over the country. Personally, if you are a fan of shows like The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, Gotham, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, iZombie as well as the DC Films and classic DC TV shows: I can’t recommend this podcast network enough for your podcasting listening experience.

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